Download the new Apple wallpaper for upcoming Hongdae store

Get the vibrant Apple Hongdae Store wallpaper for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Download the graffiti-inspired logo featuring Hangul characters.

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The newest retail store set to open in South Korea may look small, but it has Apple’s cool new wallpaper. The vibrant graffiti-inspired logo cleverly features the store’s name in Hangul characters. Hongdae Apple Store wallpaper is now available for Mac, iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded here.

The small Apple Store in South Korea, Apple Hongdae, will open its doors on January 20 at 10:00 am. This unique shop is a one-level open-air location with a distinctive glass curve entrance. Located in Seoul’s Mapo neighborhood near Hongik University Station, the estate will offer a range of products and services that include screen funds and connects Apple Music, App Store and Apple TV collections. Also, if you look closely, you can see the “홍대” characters hidden in the Apple logotype.

The New Apple Hongdae Store Wallpaper

Apple fans who can’t attend the new store opening can still celebrate with a new logo wallpaper designed for various devices. These wallpapers can be downloaded from the official Apple website with specific resolutions for each device such as Mac, iPhone and iPad. However, all three formats cannot be downloaded simultaneously. For your convenience, we have collected Hongdae Apple Store wallpapers in one place in all resolutions. Here, you can find customized wallpapers for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

To access these wallpapers through the download link below each image, download the desired wallpaper through Google Drive on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.


Apple Hongdae Store Wallpaper for Mac

Download Link


Apple Hongdae Store Wallpaper for iPad

Download Link


Apple Hongdae Store Wallpaper for iPhone

Download Link

This logo represents the respectable reputation of the region. Located in the vibrant Hongdae district, known for its rich history of creative street culture, Apple Hongdae will serve as a launching pad for dreamers to turn their dreams into reality. Infused with countless imaginative minds, this space is ready to blossom into an even more wonderful destination, welcoming everyone with open arms.

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