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Discover OnePlus 12 Live Wallpapers! Experience the essence of the phone with color-matched live wallpapers. Download now for your phone!

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OnePlus initially announced the OnePlus 12 in China and has plans for an international launch in the coming months. Expected to be one of the top Android phones of the year, we have already released the OnePlus 12 stock wallpapers. Now it’s time to explore and download the cool live wallpapers designed for this phone. Get OnePlus 12 live wallpapers here.

OnePlus 12 Live Wallpapers

OnePlus has introduced three color options for the OnePlus 12 in China: Black, Green, and White. For each color variant, the company has crafted matching wallpapers and live wallpapers. You can download the OnePlus 12 stock wallpapers from here. Below, you’ll find a preview of the live wallpapers.

OnePlus 12 Live Wallpapers – Preview

Stunning OnePlus 12 Live Wallpapers Unveiled

Download OnePlus 12 Live Wallpapers

If you like OnePlus 12 live wallpapers, you can access these wallpapers from Google Drive below.

Live wallpapers come in the form of four-second MP4 files. To use these MP4 files as your live wallpaper, you can download the Video to Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store.

  1. Download OnePlus 12 Green Live Wallpaper
  2. Download OnePlus 12 White Live Wallpaper
  3. Download OnePlus 12 Black Live Wallpaper

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