Download the top 10 Christmas tree wallpapers for iPhone

Get into the holiday spirit with our top 10 Christmas tree wallpapers for iPhone. Download them for free and decorate your phone with festive cheer!

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Christmas morning is coming! As winter arrives, we impatiently await the first snowfall to bring us that delicious cold. Whether or not you’re dreaming of presents under the tree, your iPhone will soon be decorated with Christmas tree wallpapers and a few extra surprises. Here you can access these beautiful Christmas tree wallpapers.

Christmas tree: A Brief History

It was in the Middle Ages that the Christmas tree began to be integrated into Christmas festivities. In many cultures, the evergreen tree symbolizes eternal life and the afterlife. In the 16th century, people began bringing pine trees and other types of trees into their homes as part of their Christmas celebrations. This tradition persisted until the 18th century, when the Christian Church adopted the use of the tree to commemorate the birth of Christ and Christmas. In churches, trees were placed next to a shelf where candles were lit, and over time these candles became an integral part of the tree’s decoration.

With the invention of electricity, candles were replaced by Christmas lights and shiny decorations. Today, Christmas tree decorations include a wide range of items such as paper, flowers and candy. Children are often eager to help decorate the tree and add their favorite elements. Each family uses their creativity and imagination to decorate their tree, and everyone strives to have the most beautiful one. Finally, an angel or star is usually placed at the top of the tree as a finishing touch.

Download Christmas tree wallpapers

Here we have collected 10 attractive Christmas tree wallpapers for you, suitable for iPhone and Android phones. All these wallpapers are in size 1024*2176 which is great in terms of quality and you will fall in love with them.

To access these wallpapers, you can use the download link below each image to download them from Google Drive and use them as your lock screen or home screen. Multiply the joy of Christmas with these wallpapers as they will give you a relaxing feeling.

1- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Blue and Red

Discover a stunning Christmas tree adorned with blue and red decorations with twinkling lights. Perfect charm for an outdoor vacation!

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Blue and Red

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

2- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Golden bubbles

Experience Jadab Wallpaper by taking a selective focus photo of golden bubbles on a Christmas tree. Get into the holiday spirit!

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Golden bubbles

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

3- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – yellow Volkswagen

Yellow volkswagen beetle wallpaper parked next to a green christmas tree during the day. Brings an attractive wallpaper for your iPhone.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - yellow Volkswagen

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

4- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Happy boy

Orange themed wallpaper of a happy boy sitting looking at the Christmas tree. A cool color theme for your phone.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Happy boy

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

5- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Yellow lights

Wallpaper You see yellow lights in a dark room, coming from a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Yellow lights

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

6- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – On snow

Embrace the holidays with a stunning green Christmas tree on snowy wallpaper. Feel the festive spirit! Perfect for your screens.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - On snow

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

7- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – In a pot

Get festive with our green Christmas tree wallpaper in a pot, perfect for dark settings. Transform your phone!

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - In a pot

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

8- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Love

Capture the love this season! Adorable wallpaper of a mother and daughter hugging by the Christmas tree. Perfect for festive joy!

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Love

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

9- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Cat

Wallpaper of a white and gray cat on a brown wooden table playing with a Christmas tree. Don’t miss this beautiful wallpaper.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Cat

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

10- Christmas Tree Wallpaper – Light bokeh

Explore the magic of Christmas lights and bokeh effects on a festive tree. A heartwarming story unfolds.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper - Light bokeh

Download Link | Source – Unsplash

As Christmas approaches, homes, workplaces and streets are decorated with Christmas trees. Therefore, you should consider decorating your phone theme with these relaxing Christmas tree wallpapers. Don’t waste this chance; We have carefully selected the wallpapers listed above in groups to satisfy all tastes.

Also, don’t forget to lend a helping hand to those who need it during these magical moments, since a simple smile can make their day the best of their life.

If you like these wallpapers, please share them with your friends and consider subscribing to our Telegram channel to stay updated with the latest wallpapers. I wish you a wonderful time.

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