Galaxy S24’s always-on display seems to have a brightness and yellowing problem

It seems that the display of the Galaxy S24 series is dimmed in always-on mode and has a yellowish on it.

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It seems that the display of the Galaxy S24 series is dimmed in always-on mode and has a yellowish on it.

Various reviews of the Galaxy S24 series show that the display of the new Samsung flagships in always-on or AOD mode is dimmer than the previous generation. Also, the images look a little yellow in this mode. This situation does not improve even with different settings.

According to reviews from SamMobile

, the always-on display on the Galaxy S24 series is significantly dimmer than its predecessors, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 series. This situation does not change either in the background image setting mode or in the normal AOD mode and remains dark. It seems that by reducing the screen brightness in AOD, Samsung wants this mode to have less effect on the battery charge, but the darkness of AOD sometimes even makes it difficult to read the texts. Also, AOD color mode is not improved by enabling or disabling eye protection and Adaptive Color Tone features.

Galaxy S24 series display in always-on mode

Samsung may fix this issue with a software update. However, close examination of the display of these phones in always-on mode has shown that regardless of the wallpaper or color settings, a yellowish halo is visible, which is not clear whether Samsung intentionally placed it on the screen or will fix it in the future.

The display of the Galaxy S24 series, like its predecessor, comes with Vivid and Natural color modes. However, studies show that the color saturation in these two modes is not much different from each other. In other words, in this phone, the Vivid and Natural color modes look very similar, and the performance of the Vivid option is significantly reduced compared to the previous phones of this company.

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