Download Moto Edge 50 Ultra and Edge 50 Fusion Wallpapers

Looking for high-quality Moto Edge 50 Ultra and Moto Edge 50 Fusion wallpapers? Get them all in one place.

Sirous Dadashnejad
By Sirous Dadashnejad
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Last month, Motorola updated its Edge series lineup for 2024 with the launch of three new devices. The series includes the Edge 50 Fusion, the Edge 50 Pro, and the Edge 50 Ultra. We published Moto Edge 50 Pro wallpapers earlier.

We now have access to the wallpapers for the Moto Edge 50 Fusion and Edge 50 Ultra

. This year, Motorola phones are featuring AI-generated wallpapers, which have a similar aesthetic. The wallpapers for the new Edge 50 phones, specifically the Fusion and Ultra models, are visually appealing.

Moto Edge 50 Ultra Wallpapers

Motorola included three new abstract wallpapers with the Edge 50 Ultra, designed to complement the device’s color. These wallpapers are provided in full resolution, measuring 2440 X 2712 pixels. Check out the preview images of the wallpapers below.

Moto Edge 50 Fusion Wallpapers

Just like the Moto Edge 50 Ultra, the Fusion features three fresh and vibrant backgrounds. The Fusion wallpapers stand out for their attractive design, enhanced by a subtle texture. These wallpapers are offered in a resolution of 2160 x 2400 pixels, ensuring high quality. You can preview them here.

Download Moto Edge 50 Fusion and Ultra Wallpapers

To access these wallpapers, download them through our Google Drive link below.

Download Moto Edge 50 Fusion and Ultra Wallpapers (Google Drive)

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