Oppo initiates the Android 14 (ColorOS 14) update rollout for Find X5

Upgrade your Oppo Find X5 with Android 14 & ColorOS 14! Discover enhanced performance, AI features, and UI improvements. Available in France and Egypt.

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In a remarkable move, Oppo has extended its Android 14-based ColorOS 14 update from its foldable Oppo Find N2 Flip to its celebrated flagship, the Oppo Find X5. This significant update brings forth a wave of enhancements and features, enhancing the performance and user experience. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what this update entails and how users in France and Egypt can leverage it.

Unveiling the Android 14 Update

The Android 14 update for Oppo Find X5 arrives as an evolutionary leap in the device’s software capabilities. Officially shared through the community forum, this update introduces a series of improvements that promise a seamless and enhanced user interface. Limited currently to users in France and Egypt, the update marks a substantial advancement for Oppo’s last year’s flagship device.

Necessary Preparations

To access the Android 14-based ColorOS 14 update, there are vital prerequisites to consider. Firstly, ensure that your device runs on the CPH2307_14.0.0.200(EX01) software version. Due to the magnitude of this software upgrade, substantial data and storage space are required. Thus, it’s advisable to have ample data and storage availability before initiating the update.

Key Features and Enhancements

The ColorOS 14 update for Oppo Find X5 introduces a host of exciting features aimed at enriching user experiences. From an upgraded Trinity Engine, enhancing performance, to an optimized Aquamorphic Design with new sound effects and color systems, this update is a bundle of innovation. Moreover, Aqua Dynamics, Go Green AOD screens, new AI-powered features, including Smart Touch and File Dock, contribute to a more intuitive and personalized user interaction.

Applying for the Update

Residents of France or Egypt owning an Oppo Find X5 can apply for the Android 14 stable update by following a simple process. Navigate to Settings > About device > Tap the top of the page > Tap the icon on the top right > Trial versions > Official version > Apply Now. Once approved, the update will be available for installation.

Crucial Considerations

Before initiating the update, ensure your phone operates on the newest software version. Additionally, back up essential data and ensure the phone is adequately charged (at least 50%) to avoid any interruptions during the update process.


What regions currently have access to the Android 14 update for Oppo Find X5?

The Android 14 update for Oppo Find X5 is presently available in France and Egypt.

How can I check if my Oppo Find X5 is eligible for the Android 14 update?

Make sure your device runs on the CPH2307_14.0.0.200(EX01) software version to be eligible for the update.

What are the primary enhancements brought by ColorOS 14 to Oppo Find X5?

ColorOS 14 introduces various improvements, including an upgraded Trinity Engine, Aquamorphic Design optimizations, new AI-powered features, and enhanced privacy settings.

Can users directly download the update without applying through the recruitment program?

To expedite the update process, users need to apply through the recruitment program for approval before installing the Android 14 update.

How can I safeguard my data before initiating the update?

It’s essential to back up critical data on your device before starting the update process to prevent any potential loss.

Is there a specific charging requirement before updating Oppo Find X5 to Android 14?

Ensure your phone is charged to at least 50% to prevent any interruptions during the update process.


The expansion of the Android 14-based ColorOS 14 stable update to the Oppo Find X5 signifies a commitment to enhancing user experiences and performance. This update opens doors to a plethora of innovative features and optimizations, elevating the functionality of Oppo’s flagship device. Embrace these advancements by following the simple application process and enjoy a redefined smartphone experience.

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