Galaxy S24 Ultra appeared brilliant in the durability test [Watch the video]

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has put the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra through its famous "durability test".

Hesaneh Haddadi
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Unlike other phones, this time there are deep grooves on the display at level 8, which shows the very good durability of Gorilla Armor.

Galaxy S24 series phones have been officially available in the market since today and we saw their early release in some countries. Now YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has subjected the Galaxy S24 Ultra to its famous “durability test”, which includes a scratch test, a burn test, and of course a bend test.

First of all, it is important to note that Samsung has not announced which grade of titanium it will use for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Apple uses grade 5, which, along with grade 2, is one of two common types. Also, grade 5 titanium is more expensive than grade 2 titanium.

Galaxy S24 Ultra durability test

During this test, the Gorilla Armor glass of the device’s display is scratched at level 6 of the Mohs hardness comparison. However, these lines do not seriously damage the display. Now, for the first time in the mobile world, real scratches appear at level 7, and only at level 8 do we see deeper grooves on the screen; Therefore, it can be said that Gorilla Amur Galaxy S24 Ultra gives a very good durability to this device.

Galaxy S24 Ultra durability test

So if more phones use this new Corning glass in the future, their screens will be much harder to scratch. Another noteworthy point is that even the phone’s fingerprint sensor continues to work well after more scratches at level 7. On the other hand, titanium is not scratch resistant, so it is not unreasonable for a scratch to appear on it.

Finally, the S24 Ultra also survives the fascinating bending test. As can be seen in the video above, Samsung’s new flagship bends slightly on both sides when bent, but there are absolutely no cracks or breaks.

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