Download Google Pixel 7a Stock Wallpapers [FHD+]

Looking to get your hands on the Pixel 7a wallpapers? Look no further! We have compiled all the stock wallpapers of the Google Pixel 7a in FHD+ resolution for you to download. Simply click on the download link and get them now!

Sirous Dadashnejad
By Sirous Dadashnejad
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After numerous rumors and leaks, Google has officially unveiled its latest addition to the A-series lineup, the Pixel 7a. As the name implies, it serves as the successor to last year’s Pixel 6a, offering notable improvements such as an enhanced processor, upgraded camera, higher refresh rate screen, wireless charging, and more. In addition to these hardware upgrades, the Pixel 7a also introduces a collection of fresh Stock wallpapers.

Excitingly, all the wallpapers featured on the new Google Pixel 7a are now available in full resolution. You can download the Pixel 7a wallpapers in high resolution right here.

Pixel 7a Stock Wallpapers Collection

Google has continued its aesthetic theme of feather bird wallpapers for the Pixel 7a. This collection includes a variety of impressive wallpapers that complement the phone’s color options. The Pixel 7a is available in Coral, Sea, Charcoal, and Snow colors.

To align with the phone’s design, Google has included color-matched wallpapers with the Pixel 7a. This device offers a set of 12 new wallpapers, all of which are available in high quality with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Before proceeding to the download links, let’s take a moment to preview the wallpapers.

Note: The preview images of the wallpapers. Kindly note that these images are for representation purposes only. To download the wallpapers, please use the available download link provided after this section.

Pixel 7a Stock Wallpaper – Preview

Download Pixel 7a Stock Wallpapers

The Pixel 7a bird feature wallpaper collection offers a selection of stunning wallpapers. Whether you own an Android smartphone or an iPhone, if you’re in search of new wallpapers, I recommend trying out the captivating default wallpapers of the Pixel 7a.

  1. Download Pixel 7a Wallpapers (Google Drive)
  2. Download Pixel 7a Wallpapers (Google Photos)

After downloading, go to the downloads folder on your smartphone and select the wallpaper you want to use for your home screen or lock screen. Once you have opened it, tap on the three-dots menu icon and choose to set it as your wallpaper. That’s all for the Google Pixel 7a Wallpapers.

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