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In recent times, Huawei revealed the latest advancement of its mobile operating system – HarmonyOS 4, showcased during the customary Huawei Developer Conference 2023. The latest HarmonyOS version introduces significant enhancements to the visual aspects, spanning the home and lock screens. It also incorporates a fresh assembly of emoticons, featuring a variety of dynamic animated expressions.

The notifications hub has been extensively reworked, accompanied by the inclusion of the Live Window (crafted to contend with the concept of Dynamic Island), among other remarkable additions. Concurrently, along with these far-reaching updates, the operating system introduces an array of fresh wallpapers, perfect for displaying the novel features. For your convenience, we offer access to the complete compilation of HarmonyOS 4 wallpapers, tailored for your smartphone.

HarmonyOS 4 – Quick Overview

The public beta version of HarmonyOS 4 has already been made accessible for select premium Huawei smartphones, encompassing the Mate 50 series, P60 series, Mate X3, and several others. This availability is expected to extend to a wide array of eligible phones in the forthcoming weeks. In terms of modifications, HarmonyOS 4 provides users with the ability to customize the system font, device theme colors, widget aesthetics, clock appearance on the lock screen, dynamic weather wallpaper for the lock screen, emoji-themed wallpapers, and numerous additional options.

In addition, Huawei has introduced the Live Window, a compact user interface with a pill-like shape that is designed to function similarly to Apple’s Dynamic Island, facilitating rapid notifications and alerts. Presently, it is compatible with most of the native applications on Huawei smartphones, and it is not limited to just phones; the feature will also be extended to tablet devices.

Furthermore, the fresh operating system incorporates enhanced animated emojis, an updated Notification Center, and a selection of new widgets and information cards. Notably, Huawei’s Super Transfer station has received substantial enhancements, the system-wide search function has been refined, and notable improvements have been made to bolster privacy and security measures, among other enhancements.

HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers

Huawei includes a set of fresh wallpapers alongside the latest HarmonyOS 4. The operating system boasts a total of 28 newly introduced wallpapers, encompassing even an emoji-themed option. Within this assortment, you will discover a variety of abstract designs, minimalistic depictions, as well as captivating scenic vistas. All these wallpaper selections uphold a high standard of quality, with a resolution of 2700 x 2700 pixels, ensuring top-notch image clarity. Presented below are preview images for your reference.

Note: The images below give a glimpse of the wallpapers. Avoid downloading from these previews. For high-quality wallpapers, use the provided download link below.

HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers – Preview

Download HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers

HarmonyOS 4 showcases a collection of captivating wallpapers. If the wallpapers showcased above appeal to your taste, you can conveniently access and download high-quality images through the provided links below. We have included options for Google Drive, and Google Photos.

After downloading, just open the wallpaper and save it to your photos. Then, apply it to your home screen or lock screen through the Photos app. It’s as simple as that.

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