Get the Windows 11 Bloom Copilot-inspired wallpaper for ARM AI PCs now!

Download the new Bloom wallpaper for ARM AI PCs to set it as desktop background on Windows 11 or 10. Details here.

Sirous Dadashnejad
By Sirous Dadashnejad
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A new default wallpaper is being added by Microsoft for the new ARM-based AI PCs, and it is available for download on your Windows 11 (or 10) desktop.

The updated wallpaper keeps the Windows 11 Bloom design but now features a color scheme that matches the Copilot icon, creating a striking look against a black background. This default wallpaper is accessible in personalization settings.

The new wallpaper has not been officially announced or released yet. However, it was leaked online in a private message within a Windows Insider Telegram group and promptly shared by user @cadenzza_


Windows 11 features a vast selection of wallpapers, with the Bloom Wallpaper standing out as the star attraction. This new wallpaper showcases a stunning Bloom design with a unique color distribution. The top half of the Bloom is a vibrant blue, while the lower half features various colors inspired by the Copilot logo. Be sure to check out the preview to see the new Bloom Wallpaper in all its glory.

Two fresh wallpapers are now accessible in resolutions of 2240 x 1400 and 7680 x 4800 pixels. If you wish to experiment with the wallpaper on your PC or tablet, feel free to download it using the link provided below.

Download Windows 11 Bloom Copilot-inspired wallpaper (Google Drive)

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