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Want to Download Windows 11 Wallpapers? Here are all Windows 11 Wallpapers in 4K Resolution for PC, Tablet, and Phone. Total 31 Wallpapers!

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Windows 11 has finally been released to the public. The latest version of the popular operating system is now being made available, bringing with it a fantastic collection of high-quality wallpapers and extensive customization options. Users can now enjoy the upgraded Start Menu and revamped UI elements, which have been meticulously designed by Microsoft. The gradual rollout of Windows 11 is expected to cover all eligible systems by the middle of 2022. This new feature-rich OS boasts an impressive selection of thirty-one stunning wallpapers that are now accessible to users. You can easily download these beautiful Windows 11 wallpapers to personalize your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

A New Look (and More) for Windows 11

Windows 11 is a major interface-focused update with a sleek redesign, rather than introducing entirely new features. It takes some inspiration from Chrome OS but retains the ability to place app icons on the desktop background, unlike Google’s OS. The redesign includes rounded corners for a smoother look, adopting Microsoft’s Fluent Design System and Mica material for a semi-transparent appearance.

The Start Menu and Taskbar have undergone significant changes. The Start button is now at the left edge of centered icons, which may take time to get used to for long-time Windows users. The Taskbar has smaller and less informative buttons, but recent updates have added drag-and-drop capability and an overflow menu for extra icons.

File Explorer also gets a fresh look, with updated left panel controls, colorful folder icons, and a simplified ribbon for better file management. The search function has been improved with a dedicated search box next to the Start button. Windows 11 can now run Android apps, albeit with some limitations, and offers a new Widget panel for news and weather.

Accessibility features have been expanded, providing Contrast themes, redesigned closed captions, AI-powered voice typing, and systemwide live captions. Microsoft’s Teams chat and video conferencing app are integrated into the Taskbar, allowing users to connect their phones to Windows 11 PCs and make calls from their computers. Some legacy features, like Aero Peek, Aero Shake, and Cortana AI voice assistant, have been removed in this compelling upgrade for Windows users.

As we await the full release, you can still get a taste of the new Windows experience by using Windows 11 wallpapers on your desktop or smartphone. Now, let’s explore the Windows 11 Wallpapers section.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

Microsoft has always offered a wide selection of wallpapers, including many options in Windows 10. While some wallpapers may vary depending on the PC brand, there are several common ones found across all Windows devices. In Windows 11, you’ll discover two new built-in wallpapers, along with sixteen wallpapers from themes, six from the lock screen, and eight keyboard wallpapers. These wallpapers have been extracted from the preview build, and they look stunning, particularly the mesmerizing blue built-in wallpaper.

Additionally, Windows 11 SE introduces a new bloom wallpaper, which you can find here. There’s also a holiday season wallpaper recently released by Microsoft. The collection is extensive and impressive. Below is a preview of the Windows 11 wallpapers for you to browse before downloading.

Please note that the images listed here are only previews and not in their original quality. Do not download them directly from the images. Instead, use the provided download link in the section below to get the wallpapers in their full resolution.

Windows 11 Stock Wallpapers – Preview

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

I am pleased to inform you that Windows 11 Wallpapers are available in a high resolution of 3840 X 2400 pixels, ensuring excellent image quality. These wallpapers also look fantastic on smartphones, making them perfect for your home screen or lock screen. To download these wallpapers in their full resolution, we have provided direct links to Google Drive, and Google Photos. Feel free to use any of these links to get the wallpapers in their highest quality.

After you have successfully downloaded the wallpaper, navigate to the downloads folder. From there, select the wallpaper you wish to use for your smartphone or PC. Open the image and then click on the three-dots menu icon or right-click to set it as your wallpaper. It’s a simple process, and you’ll have your new wallpaper set up in no time.

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